Guruji's Biography

                                     चिन्मयं व्यापियत्सर्वं त्रैलोक्यं सचराचरम्
तत्पदं दर्शितं येन तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः ॥

      From the word ‘Guru’, Gu reflects darkness that is maya, Ru indicates the person
      who destroys the maya, guru precisely means parabrahma who destroys dark-Maya in other
      words “Guru” is the person who wipes out our ignorance with enlightenment which is jnana,
      and this is why since childhood we are taught

                                            गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णुः गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः ।

                                            गुरुरेव परंब्रह्म तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः ॥

      In other words the Guru is considered to be the incarnation of trimurthy swaroopa,
      who is none other than the Parabrahma himself thus,
         I bow myself in salutation to such guru.

वागर्थाविव सम्प्रुक्तौ वागर्थप्रतिपत्तये

जगतः पितरौ वन्दे पार्वतीपरमेश्वरौ

BramhaSri Dr. Mothukuru Sathyanarayana Shastri, popularly known as ‘Shastrigaru’ is a prominent
‘Devi Upasaka’ and a renowned ‘Forehead reader’. He hails from Bijilapuram, Andhra Pradesh


Shastrigaru took birth in a vaideeki Telugu speaking Brahmin family, to BramhaSri Mothukuru Rama Shastri and Smt. Ramulamma in Bijilapuram of present day Andhra Pradesh.

According to the lore it is Sri Mukirala Lakshmi Narasayya Shastri (Paraapara Guru) who predicted the childless couple will have sixteen children, out of whom only eight children would survive. The second son (sixth child) would be an ardent devotee of ‘Devi’, He would attain Sannyas in due course and establish an ashram which contains a beautiful temple for Devi, where in the Paraapara guru would be born as a calf  and watch our Guruji offer Pujas to‘Devi’ for consecutive three days and then would attain ‘Moksha’. 

True to his words, Sri Mothukuru Sathyanarayana Shastri was born in ‘Keelaka Naama samvatsara’ on ‘Suddha Saptami’ of ‘Pushya Maasam’ in ‘Purvabhaadra Nakshatra, Meena Rasi’ (English almanac: 25th Dec, 1968).

Shastri Garu, is a kind hearted and spiritual person from a very young age.

Guruji always speaks about a wonderful incident of his early childhood when he was a gopalaka, while the cows were busy grazing around he used to play with the children around him, even in the playful mood he would make shivalingaakruthi with the mud and perform the Shivaaradhana. On one of such occasion he has noticed a cow going near by a mould which was under the tree; though he tried to drive it away the cow kept coming back again and again.

He felt that the cow was standing and speaking to the mould.  One fine day he overheard the cow uttering some words, which he unknowingly repeated, As usual in the evening he brought the herd back to barn, and he took bath near well.While he was still in wet clothes (as he has forgotten to get another pair of clothes) noticed the cow was standing close by and watching him briefly.

At once guruji was under a trance and heard the same words from the ‘Gomukha’ again and now he chanted them along with the Gomatha; this is when he became aware of a divine inner guidance. After a while guruji regained normalcy and took the cow to its place and tied it safely. When he narrated the incident to his father, he said it might be just his imagination; next morning they realised the cow was missing from the herd they searched but in vain, hence they concluded the cow was stolen.

After a while guruji visited his cousin’s place there he accompanied his cousin for cow grazing. Surprisingly guruji felt he has seen the missing cow, the Gomatha standing on a hill nearby. He and his cousin went to check, by the time they reached the top of the hill, gomatha had disappeared. As time passed things were back to normal, but guruji could not ignore the incident and he subconsciously went on chanting the words.

He kept observing his father who was a renowned Sri Vidhyo Upasaka and a true guru. He requested his father to initiate the upasana along with other disciples. His father asked him to wait for the right time. As the proverb goes “Time and Tide wait for none”, days went on and eventually he was ingrained a part of upasana, along with the Mantropasana he started learning Smartham from his father.

Upanayanam, the initiation into student life (to learn Vedas) was performed at the age of eleven, after which he was given complete “Sri Vidhyo upasana”, by “Sri Mukirala Lakshmi Narasayya Shastri”, who was also his paternal uncle. While obtaining the upasana he recollected that those are the same words he heard from gomatha and they were actually “The Bijaksharas of Sri Vidhyoupasana”.  He was chanting them from the age of seven unaware of what it was, he wondered about that particular cow missing. Since then he believed the Gomatha to be his first guru, as he heard “Bijaksharas” from gomukha for the first time.

He is very fond of his gurus and often depicts the tale of paraapara guruji with lot of passion.

Sri Mukirala Lakshmi Narasayya Shastri was a kind and generous person who was readily helpful towards the needy; there was a time when he was totally homeless. His elder brother took him to his home in Veliminedu. Nothing would interest him other than chanting of “Raama Naama” and performing his duties in a near by Shiva temple.

This particular Shiva temple was deserted for quite sometime people were frightened to go in, as there was a serpent present in the temple and it use En twine Shivalinga most of the time, but this did not stop Paraapara guruji he just went in and performed pujas to Shivalinga and serpent as well.

Annoyed by this kind of attitude, on the advice of elders his brother got him married. Incidentally, she was none other than our guruji’s aunt; she was a very religious woman (in the words of our paraapara guruji this marriage was performed for the sake of society. Otherwise, in true spirit it may be considered that they are brother and sister).True to his words she always remained as a companion, supportive and generous in nature. People around were just amazed at the way they were leading the life.

Paraapara guruji continued his unremarkable life with his pujas and meditation, Days were just flying away, one fine morning paraapara guruji did not return home. He sat under a tree beside the idol of Swamy Anjaneya and started to meditate days passed, but paraapara guruji was in deep meditation, gradually his body started to drift and all that remained was just air.

At home people started to trouble the noble lady and in no time she came under the influence of local people. She decided to leave them and walked down to the tree where paraapara guruji was in deep concentration unaware of the surroundings. She shook him so vigorously that he fell on his face, when he came to conscious he cursed her to die. After a few moments the noble lady expired, all the necessary rituals were performed there itself.

This is when paraapara guruji anticipated the future and spoke about the childless couple who would have sixteen children and of whom eight children would survive. The second son, would be a bestowed devotee of “Devi”, and would attain Sannyas in future.

Our guruji says nothing would delight guruji; he would be pleased only if some one does the paada seva.When he is asleep we could hear the chanting of “Raama Naama”, coming from his ears. Our guruji says he used to often keep his ear on his guruji’s ear and hear the chanting.

Guruji has totally learnt the Smartham under the guidance of “Sri Mothukuru Rama Shastri”, “Sri Mukirala Lakshmi Narasayya Shastri”, “Sri Kondagadapa Hanumayya shastri”, along with vedaadhyanam guruji has started his schooling, he was given admission directly in the Fourth standard. After finishing his schooling, guruji wanted to pursue higher studies.

Knowing his family would not afford his further studies he decided to leave the home; Guruji has arrived at Hyderabad and walked down as the legs destined him, When he reached Begumpet level crossing he has noticed a person crossing railway track with out checking the fast approaching train, it has hit him and left the persons body in pieces! this incident has moved guruji he felt helpless and sorry.

With lot of questions arising he started to walk, after reaching the ‘Kesari Hanuman’ temple he rested outside the temple for a while. Tired and hungry he had no money in hand, some time later guruji noticed a bridge which was under construction near-by temple, approached the concerned authority and joined in as the daily wage labourer for Rs two.

Guruji took admission in an evening college and continued his vedaadhyanam under the guidance of “Sri Kolavajula Suri Narayyana Sharma,” and “Sri Lanka subhramanya shastri” learnt “Krishna Yajur Vedam” as well as “Forehead Reading”.

He was able to earn a sum of Rs fifty per month. With lot of struggle he could pay the college fee, there use to be time, when he had to go hungry for many days together, he could resist the hunger through the practice of meditative consciousness which he has learnt from “Sri Paraapara guruji”.

Once guruji could not eat for almost fifteen days at a stretch; still he use to attend the work, being starved and weak he fainted and fell down from the top of the construction site.

Every body thought that the boy was no more but, he regained consciousness and he started to walk, towards an old woman who threw away the stale food he began picking up the scatter food, the kind old lady asked him not to eat that instead she offered him other food which she was carrying for her self.

This reminded him of an occasion which took place pretty long ago when he was a gopalaka,Guru mata used to pack some food for the lunch, one day on the way he saw an old man who was hungry, guruji was too happy to feed him, he remained hungry for the day but did not reveal it to his mother.  Feeding the old man had given him immense pleasure and forgot about his hunger

Guruji continued staying in the temple practicing the Vedaadhyanam along with the college studies.

The chairman of the temple was observing the boy from long time who was chanting the Vedas in the temple premises,enquired his where abouts,when the boy gave the details about himself and how he earns his lively hood, The chairman asked him if he would perform the poojas at temple for which he would be paid a sum of Rs. Seventy five per month, he happily agreed and started to perform duties of a priest.

However even at the tender age he exhibited a virtuous nature. He engaged himself in meditation and immersed himself in self-contemplation and began parting himself from the materialistic world.

Brahmam satyam jagat mithyā, jīvo brahmaiva nāparah

Brahmam is the only truth, the world is an illusion and there is ultimately no difference between Brahmam and Atma (individual self).

Guruji believes that from eternity every living being is in bondage to karma due to good or bad deeds. Because of the past karma the individual seeks temporary pleasures in the material possessions which lead one to self centered thoughts and deeds, which will end up in further accumulation of karma.

To liberate from such karma’s he believes in leading life as Sri Krishna mentions in the Gita            
One who performs his duty without attachment, surrendering the results unto the Supreme Lord, is unaffected by sinful action, as the lotus leaf is untouched by water.”

To attain this we must seek the sources of life present within ourselves… It is the spiritual revolution we foresee and the material is only its shadow.

Like Ramana Maharishi said "Try to see truth from all angles

Like the Rigveda speaks about the presence of the God in every living creature in this  verse Atmaavai sarva devaanaam……………  

Guruji says it is Narayana(or Goddess) who is present in and around, we would be able to attain it when we enter into higher realms of consciousness and realize the Omni presence of God, he is better known as ‘’Sakshi Narayana” who stands as the witness for all actions of the mortals. When ever some body(genrally Guruji considers people who ever seeks his help as his sishya) expresses concern interest in spirituality, attainment of consciousness or awareness of the existence of  Thy Lord, With great compassion he would relieve their fears and anxieties which are very common to many seekers.

Karmanye vadhikarate ma phalesu kadachana
Ma karma phalahetur bhurmate sangostvakarmani

We have right only to perform our duty, but not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your action, but to perform duty a just as a duty.

With all the spirituality and self consciousness Guruji has six Master Degrees to his credit from various Universities which includes four gold medals and has been awarded Doctorate (PhD) from Osmania University in 2002 for his work “Uttara Ramayana Charitra Samagra Parisheelanam”.

When the marriage proposal came up, Guruji refused, though he believed in Santana dharma, then it is the Paraapara Guruji who convinced him for marriage.

On 28 Feb 1996 Guruji entered grihasthasram with Sowbhagayavati Aram Jyothi and are blessed with two children Chi.Sriyahkoumudi and Chi.Chidvilas.

A charitable trust is started in the name of Guruji’s father “Late BRAHMA SRI MOTHUKURU RAMA SHASTRI GARU” and has been recognised by law on 5th March 2009.

To be continued.......