About Our Guruji

Sadhguru is HE who breaks the darkness of ignorance and brings in the light of knowledge...
So is our Pujya Guruji...

Late Sri Mokirala Lakshmi Narasayya Shastri garu          Late Sri Kondagadapa Hanumaya Shastri garu

Bramhasri Dr. Mothukuru Satyanarayana Shastri Garu                                                                                                                                   

The Renowned Sri VidhyoPasaka and Forehead reader

Bramhasri Dr. Mothukuru Satyanarayana ShastriGaru
was born on 25th Dec 1968 as a 6th child in the family of late Sri Mothukuru Ramashastrigaru and Smt. Ramulammagaru in Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh.

At a very young age Guruji met with a wonderful incident which changed the rest of his life.

In his early childhood he used to take the cows for grazing. While other cows were busy grazing he noticed that one particular cow was going to a mould which was a under a tree and stood as if she was talking, though he tried to drive away she kept coming back to the same spot. Guruji overheard the COW uttering some words and he unknowingly started repeating them. After sometime the cow went missing. They searched but in vain,so they concluded the cow was stolen.

During the course of attaining deeksha, Guruji realized the words he heard from the cow were actually “The Bhijaksharas of  SRI VIDYOPASANA”. He then wondered about that particular COW going missing. He believed the COW to be his GURU as he heard the “first Bhijaksharas” from gomukha.

Guruji was influenced and guided to the path to spirituality by his father who blessed him the method of Upasana. Guruji practiced SMARTHAM under the guidance of Late Sri Mokirala Lakshmi NarasayyaShastrigaru and Late Sri Kondagadapa Hanumaya Shastrigaru and
KRISHNA YAJURVEDAM from Late Sri Lanka Subramanya Shastrigaru.

Guruji has 6 Masters Degrees to his credit from various Universities which includes 4 gold medals, and achieved  Doctorate (PhD) from Osmania University in 2002 for his work “ Uttara Ramayana Charitra Samagra Parisheelanam”.

As Lord SriKrishna quotes in Bhagavadgita  …

We have to stay in this world like a droplet of water on the lotus leaf…

and as the famous Saint Bhakta Tukaram quotes …

We have to lead a worldly life and then thus attain the moksha…

Our pujya guruji who believes in the need of Dharmika Jeevana, entered Grihasthashram (Family Life) on 28 Feb. 1996 with Sowbhagayavati Aram Jyothi and are blessed with 2 kids Chi.Sow.SriyahKoumudi and Chi. Chidvilas.

And finally as Late Sri Ramana Maharishi said …

“A true GURU is some one who has realized self and who is able to use his POWER to assist others towards the goal of self realization”, is truly applicable to our Guruji.

We are happy to intimate,Sri Vagdevi Samskrutha Bharathi has honored our Guruji on the occasion of “Vasanta Panchami” and bestow him with the title "VACHASPATHI "on Feb 4th 2014.

The function was presided by Pushpagiri Pitadhipathi SRI SRI SRI ABHINAVODHANDA VIDHYARANYA NRUSHIMHA BHARATI Swami Garu.


We are happy to announce that Samskrutha Bhasha Shambhashana Prachara Samithi will be felicitating and Honouring our Guruji, Dr. Mothukuru Satyanarayana Sastry Garu on 26 Dec 2010.
Sri Sri Sri Tridandi China Jiyar Swamiji will be presiding over the function.

Guruji will be acting as the Editor of the “Sambhashana Samskrutiam Masapatrika” the monthly magazine which will be released on the same day.

The program is subjected to start at 3.00 pm.

Venue: Hindi Mahavidhyalaya, Osmania University Road, Vidhya nagar, Hyd.